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Material : Concrete Form / Wood 

Exclusive one off hancrafted piece by emerging talent : KARV STUDIO 

20cm H, 18 cm W, 14cm D 

About the piece: Being a self-taught artist, she connects deeply
with experimenting and breaking conventions. Foraging for
organic, earth relics to incorporate, appreciating the ocean, the
land and everything in between for their never-ending

Sculpted in her home studio in Australia, her work explores
the connection between embracing “The beauty in
imperfection” and reconnection with our earth.

“Perfectly empty yet completely full”
The rings in this piece are a symbol for strength and
connection. Placed on the perimeter as jewellery, adding
character, depth and curiosity as to how they appear
surrounded in concrete.

Every intuitive placement of texture aims to capture the
elements of nature and the erosion of timeless beauty. As a result of meditative practices, she uses her hand movements
and techniques as tools to capture the organic textures.
Returning to basics, allows her to immerse into her intuitive
state of mind, free and fluid. The balance between forgiving and
embracing when working with concrete.

She hopes as you reflect on this piece, you find vulnerability
and self-healing. Bringing the earth from outside to inside
adding tranquillity to your space.

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